Repair plastic toys with superglue and baking soda

Sep 10, 2023 10:30 · 261 words · 1 minute read maker

Small children are reckless and often break toys. So even though toys for young children are designed to be sturdy, they still break. I tried repairing a toy with baking soda and instant glue that I saw on YouTube the other day, and it was quite strong and perfect for repairing children’s toys.

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  • baking soda
  • instant adhesive

Repair method

Temporarily fix the broken part with superglue.

Place baking soda on the joint.

Drop superglue onto baking soda. At this time, adjust the dripping speed depending on the viscosity of the instant adhesive. If the viscosity of the instant adhesive is high, it will not be able to soak into the baking soda and the instant adhesive will drip. The photo shows an example of applying too much superglue and causing it to drip.

After a while, it will solidify. It seems harder than the plastic, so if it breaks next time, it will probably break in another part of the plastic.

Other ways to use it

Baking soda + instant glue can be used for more than just repairing toys.

The range of applications seems to be quite wide, such as “repairing missing gears” and “repairing crushed screw heads.”

It will be useful when “I don’t want to buy a 3D printer, but I want to make a small part.

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